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Your Flights buddy is US’s fast growing online travel  company. It  provides best hotels, flights, cruise and cars reservations for travelers. Your Flights buddy is trusted company with experienced team members . We are the fastest  at searching and customer support with cheapest costs.

About us

Your Flights Buddy is U.S. based company in association with leading aviation, cruise companies and hotel chains

Services We Provide

If you are looking for a booking, Cancelling , adding or removing bagagge in a low budget , we offer all of that under one roof.

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On-Call booking

your flight buddy support system is just a call away. Call Support is available at +1(888) 278-5549 for 24 by 7.

Ticket Cancellation

If your flight gets cancelled by the airline or you want to cancel you flight, we provide hassle free support.

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Low Price Flights

your flights buddy gives the best deal. You can avail best flight at the Cheapest cost.

What Our Clients Say

We take pride in serving our Customers with the best experience. Read what they say.

“Recently I was in New York on a business trip and had flights cancelled due to mechanical reason. It was an another scheduled meeting on next day, So I needed to get back my work place for the meeting . The rescheduled flight could not accommodate my loss, so I called Your Flights Buddy support for help. He cared my worries and settled my cancellation, reservation in no time.Mean while I just relaxed. I could not handle ongoing things my own"
Emily Hunt
"Thanks for your planning my travel. you guys used your connection to reserve my flight, hotel, car every thing. Thanks to provide me helpful travel."
Julie Robinson
“I hanged in traffic and missed my flight. I was moving to LA for a show that can not be rescheduled. Now I was in problem. Your Flights Buddy arranged last minute flight for me. Many thanks! ”
Morgan Jonathan
"What if you are new to city and have less time to move. No accommodation. Thanks to airline desk guys to help me out. "
James Brook

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